Monday, May 17, 2010

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The New Year.

2008 has been amazing. So tonight, at midnight, we are all going to boo.

My " New Years Resolution": 

Make sure to always go to the bathroom outside of my pants. 

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hello again

well its that time again... this is the fifth time i have started a new year here at OU. it is a good feeling to be back here in the SigEp house. Its a bustling place with 20 sophomores and 5 fifth- year seniors.  Of course, right now in the house at a little after midnight on a wednesday,  the speakers in every room on the second floor are burning up at max power as everyone has just begun their nights. The five of us are chilling pretty hard right now.  its a beautiful thing. 

Tomorrow is the seventh year anniversary of 9-11. damn were all getting old.  

Monday, August 25, 2008

home, homo

lets get pumped for football. i know rex grossman is...

Friday, August 15, 2008

Home again

since being home here has been so much to think about. being jet jetlagged and trying to force a time of reflection is not the easiest of challenges. i promise to put up a good reflection post once i have the last two months of my life in order. for now, i want to thank everyone for probably the best summer of my life! we truly lived the dream... look forward to my final australia reflection post and the finished video. much love to all....i miss you guys terribly.

The English flag may flutter and wave, where the world wide oceans toss, but the flag the Australian dies to save, is the flag of the Southern Cross.

Monday, July 28, 2008

and then there were two

so it has been quite a while since we have spoke. about a week to be exact. work really has been wuite busy and i havent really found the time to sit back and collect my thoughts on this here blog. so hopefully you all havent forgot bout our precious database of virgil's knowledge. pah! who am i kidding i know every single one of you checks everyday for updates. i have you in my trap.

well, i have officially made it to the point in my time here where nothing i really do or see is new. repetition has been achieved. however, it doesnt always mean that it is mundane, or terrible to exist within the bounds of repetition. i am still enjoying every breath of australian air, every step on australian soil, and i still despise the incompetent asian of australia. there are two solid weeks left now here. one week left of work, and another week left of play. Seven of my friends and i will be making an excursion up to byron bay where we will relax and reflect on our conquering of oz. finally... some summer time on the beach with no worries of work.

I always get this pit in my stomach when i leave new places and people. it is always the people more than the places that get to me when i am staring down the barrel of the gun for departure. The people i have met on this trip are nothing short of incredible, and i feel like i have known them my entire life. We have two more weeks to rock out as hard or harder than we have for the last six. cheers to us.

and to all... this montage has brought me some serious inspiration to travel more with my camera: